Fine arts is said to be one of those courses that involves a lot of creativity and imagination. The course is about turning out the imagination and creative concepts in to a real object that the world can visualize. It will not be wrong to say that the course actually deals with making your own imagination visible to the world. Thus, the course of fine arts is so popular all over the world. However with changing arena all over the world, the courses have also changed or have been reformed. One such example of such reformation is the course called commercial arts. This subjects deal with the fine arts, but with more commercialization aspect.

We train the students to appear for this Entrance Exam for the following subjects.

Subjects: Practical - 50 marks each, Theory - 40 marks

1. Object Drawing – 1 hour

(This is the practical paper, where in a manmade/natural specimen will be provided to the candidate. He/ She will have to make a drawing of the specimen on the answer sheet as directed in the question paper. This section will test the interest of candidate in drawing, proportions, rendering in pencil and overall observation.)

2. 2D Design – 1½ hour

(This section will test the interest of candidate in arrangement of various forms to create good design in the given area, rendering in colour & finishing skills.)

3. Objective type theory – 45 mins

(There will be questions related to art, craft, design, colour and computer graphics/ computer basics in this paper. These questions will be of objective type. There will be multiple choices of answers to each question. Candidate will have to select a correct answer and to mark it on the OMSR sheet provided to him/her.)

4. Memory drawing – 1½ hour

(This section will test the interest of candidate in drawing and arranging the sequence with memory for the subject given, rendering in colour, placement of elements in memory drawing and creating the environment.)

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