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Subjects for Grade Drawing Examination

Elementary Grade Drawing Examination:

  • Object Drawing
  • Memory Drawing
  • Design
  • Plane Geometry and Lettering

Intermediate Grade Drawing Examination:

  • Still Life
  • Memory Drawing
  • Design
  • Geometry, Solid Geometry and Lettering


1. Object Drawing / Still Life
  1. Graphic sketching of outer shape of man-made objects and elements created by nature and development of capability of their painting with proper colors.
  2. Study of mutual proportion of object groups.
  3. Development of understanding about space joiner.
  4. Broad study of shadow differentiation on objects.
  5. Sketching and painting of object groups as per one's own perception.
  6. To make available opportunity to handle various color mediums and equipment-materials.
2. Memory Drawing
  1. To give opportunity for the development of observation, memory and imagination.
  2. To give opportunity for expression of latent sentiments and feelings in the mind.
  3. Enhancement .of capability of proportional sketching of incidents in daily life.
  4. Development of vision of creation of perception about closeness and distantness (perspective) in drawing.
  5. Creation of awareness-awakening about environment and thereby creation of liking about nature.
3. Design
  1. Development of creative expression
  2. Development of capability of creative use of basic principles of design.
  3. Development of awareness and capability of effective use of colors and color shades.
  4. Development of aesthetic sense and creation of utility through design.
  5. To make available opportunity for use of geometrical equipment and material.
  6. Development of skill of use of different color mediums and techniques.
4. Geometry, Solid Geometry and Lettering
  1. Development of capability of use of geometrical constructions for creation of pattern.
  2. To understand different geometrical shapes and their construction.
  3. To be able to draw geometrical figures neatly and meticulously.
  4. To understand Solid Geometry in elementary form.
  5. To understand forms of lettering broadly.
  6. Achievement of beauty creation through letter set-up.
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