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Handwriting (for age 3+)

“Handwriting is a reflection of your personality”.

A good, neat & legible handwriting is effective and often yields better results. It is important for a student to have good handwriting as in academics it is used for writing notes, essays, etc. Both speed and legibility are essential for good grades. Students with poor handwriting can improve and develop their writing. Handwriting improvement is crucial as improvement in writing, improves personality.

Handwriting is:
  • A great confidence booster.
  • Wonderful for improving hand-eye co-ordination.
  • Important for increasing concentration levels.
  • Used for developing Visual motor control.
  • A great way to strengthen hand and finger muscles.
  • A great way to boost their problem solving skills, patience & persistence.
  • Used for improving a child's cognitive thought processes.
  • Study of letter formation – Capitals & smalls, numbers & punctuation marks.
  • Developing the formation of each letter, numbers & punctuations.
  • Word formation
  • Sentence formation with study of word spacing.
  • Paragraph writing
  • Speed development
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