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About Little Brush

Little brush is an art school being formed to provide unique and meaningful art for all children below the age of 15. We aim to bring out the creativity, and build an audience for Arts. We also offer a constantly-evolving learning program. We also address the stress that kids have in their daily school, art session will rejuvenate them.

We believe that if you want your child to be Engineer, Doctor, Architect, Designers, Artists; Then, Little Brush helps them to be better Engineer, Doctor, Creative Architect, Outstanding Designers and Artists and so on.

Testimonial by Parents

Testimonial by Students

From her desk

Ms Pinky Das

As we know that art develops creativity, problem-solving skills, analytical skills, etc. in a child. It also adds a new angle to real life situations. I remember a student who while painting a cloud in a scenery, accidentally dropped a blob of green paint on the sheet. Mostly in such situation a child panics not knowing what to do, some may get upset or tear the sheet, some may cry, while some start with a new one. Read more...

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